Project Description

The client wished to build a 500,000sf fabrication facility and a 200,000sf office building on a site in the Middle East.  The Group H (hazardous) occupancy facility was designed to manufacture and test semiconductor wafer chips for computers.  Doug Hilberman, through a previous firm, was in charge of designing the 100,000sf Class 1 cleanroom.  In addition, he was responsible for designing a cleanroom wall assembly system from scratch with a local Middle Eastern office partition manufacturer.  Doug was also in the lead designer of a class 1K Sort facility cleanroom, multi-discipline coordinator for the facility utility routing and lead designer for a Class 1K soft wall portable cleanroom.  The project was a 2 billion dollar fast track campus with operational occupancy occurring 2 years after the site was acquired.  Many portions of the construction ran in parallel with the design activities.